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'Sky' - 22nd November 2023

Pixabay Sky.jpg

Tonight on Around the Campfire we look up to the heavens for inspiration, with music about the sky from Gregg Plummer, Kit Watkins, and a brand new featured track by Jim Ottaway. From the album “ARCHITEKTUR”, released by Germany’s Schallwende organisation, it’s a compilation featuring 12 architecture-inspired tracks. Jim’s track was inspired by the Q1 building on the Gold Coast in Australia – the highest building in the southern hemisphere.

As well as a great selection of tracks inspired by the sky, there will also be a Witch’s Brew (live improv) around 7pm PDT.

Join us tonight and relax with some great sky-themed tracks.

Set List

Jim Ottaway - Touching The Sky - Architektur (26. schallplatte)

Tone Ghost Ether - Big Sky Canyon - The White Space

Wolfgang Gsell - Midnight Sky - Sound Paths

Ombient - Lifted into the Great Blue Sky - Unreleased

Cousin Silas - Cascading Sky - Cousin Silas

anantakara, featuring Mukti - Glorious Traveller In The Sky - The Never Dying Fire

ontol - What the Sky Remembered - What the Sky Remembered

Witch's Brew

Gregg Plummer - Sky Mantra - Circumstantial Dimensions

Brother Saturn - Skyships - Tales of Space Exploration 1-8

Kit Watkins - The Ground, The Sky - Beauty Drifting

Alpha Wave Movement - Sky Geometry- Terra

Robert Rich - Sky Tunnel - Electric Ladder

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