Second Life

RadioSpiral has been airing in Second Life® from day one. All of the RadioSpiral team perform live in Second Life when they can, and we also have quarterly all-live events where you can meet the team (and sometimes others), while they play for your pleasure. These events normally run for up to ten hours straight, so there will be a time right for you. The RadioSpiral parcel has a unique holodeck scene designed for each live event and show - and there are usually gifts for all attendees to the live events. We have a shop in Second Life at our parcel, where you can pick up a variety of items, many of them free. We also host the show in real life, so if you're not inclined to have a virtual existence, there is still a way for you to listen.


Even if you don't have a Second Life avatar (and you could get one, it's free!), you can take a look at the sets that we build in the slideshow below, so that you're not missing out.

Tutorial Videos

Second Life can be daunting for a newcomer, but with RadioSpiral having a parcel there and having live events and a great community, it's definitely worth the effort to join and learn how to "live" in this virtual world.


To help those that wish to try it, I've made a whole YouTube channel full of videos to help. You can take a look at an introduction to Second Life right here, but do visit the channel for much more. Please SUBSCRIBE, like and comment - this all helps me to make even more and grow in the YouTube community. Thank you!

RadioSpiral in Second Life