As I'm now published on a few labels, this page serves as a discography, with links to where to get the music. Some of the albums are "name your price", so can be downloaded free (or you can buy them, should you wish). If you'd like to hop straight to my Bandcamp store, all albums released on Bandcamp are there. This page includes those that aren't, as well. I hope you enjoy taking a look and listen to my music.

Album Art.jpg

Inspired by a beautiful resin painting picture sent to me by a friend, this album is a collection of relaxing musical shades and moods "felt" in the colours.

With natural sounds as a backdrop, find your own shade of nirvana.

Music by Gypsy Witch, additional mastering by Mike Metlay. Original resin picture used as a basis for the album art by Nirvana Farhadi.

Album Art.jpg

Somewhere underground, in a dark, and somewhat damp cave, lies the laboratory of the occasionally evil mad genius Dr Davenport. Here you'll find his half-finished experiments and mechanical tinkerings, and here you'll find him - unless he's out in his airship searching for more lightning to fuel his work. 

Enter his life via this album - a love letter to "steambient" - and enjoy the soundtrack of his world. Get it here.

*A fusion of "steampunk" and "ambient". Thanks, Mike!

Summer Brews Cover.jpg

Every week, I perform a live improvisation (Brew) for Around the Campfire, my weekly show on RadioSpiral. Sometimes, I even remember to record my efforts, and even less often, I do something with them. This album has three of my Summer 2019 Brews. The melody and main instrumentals remaining unchanged, there is only a little slice of lemon here or an olive there… just a little spice to an otherwise untouched live performance. All proceeds from sales go to RadioSpiral expenses. Get it here!


This album was released to coincide with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing.


Take a musical journey far out into space with the crew of Apollo II, and enjoy a musical glimpse at the majesty of our moon.

There are three tracks, and the album runs for around an hour. Get it for "name your price" here.

Zombie Apocalypse features three tracks originally played live for listeners of “Around the Campfire”. They come together to provide a musical backdrop for the rise of a civilization to its ultimate demise during the inevitable zombie apocalypse. 

From the upbeat and positive to the decidedly creepy and melancholy, give your brains a rest (the zombies need them), and chill out to the music. 

Other than tidying up and mastering, these tracks are as the listeners heard them. All proceeds from sales go to RadioSpiral expenses. Grab your copy here.

Released on Aural Films, this album takes you on a journey across the globe with our imaginary hero as he explores wild places: deserts, ice fields, mountains, and tropical shores.

Sometimes upbeat, sometimes wistful, sometimes dramatic, Journey Through Wild Places will take you around the globe from your armchair.

You can purchase the album here.

"Unspoken" is my first album and tells the story of those thoughts we all have that we cannot express. Everything from forbidden loves to regrets; secrets that can never pass our lips, and never will. Although others can't sense those things - they're still there. Here is the music of secrets that we never reveal, emotions that make us part of who we really are. Walk through the hidden, the buried, the daydreamed... the unspoken.


You can purchase the album here.