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Hello, and welcome to my site!

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You're right, that's not what I look like in real life, what gave it away?

Please meet my avatar in Second Life, GypsyW1tch, who is far prettier than I am and is likely to be the reason you're reading this page now. My name is Diana Smethurst, but you can call me Gypsy.

About nine years ago I met an avatar in Second Life called Spiral Sands, and through him got to know the real-life man, Mike Metlay. He introduced me to the world of ambient and electronic music, which he makes himself (and is pretty darned good). I got listening to his show and became hooked.

One day, he couldn't make his show and the station wanted it to run. I offered to host it for him, as I was already a DJ of a different genre of music in Second Life. I stood in for him, and the rest is history. I was given my own show and hosted it for a couple of years and now here I am on an internet station that I run with Mike, Rebekkah HilgravesPaul HarrimanJoe McMahon, Kyizl Sands, and Jan Ross (who is a penguin...).


RadioSpiral was founded by Mike Metlay and Diana Smethurst as a means to continue what they both love doing - promoting ambient and electronic music by performing it and hosting shows with some of the best of it. With technical know-how and server maintenance provided by Paul Harriman, chat support and Spud-wrangling from Joe McMahon, marketing and hosting by Rebekkah Hilgraves, and calendar and host support from Jan Ross, the RadioSpiral Admin team aims to bring you the best of the genre. We should also include Spud (right), our music-curating robot, who has an attitude and a sense of humour, as you'll find out if you ever see him in Second Life (yes, he does make appearances!)


We are also delighted to have on board Tony Gerber, who has two shows airing on Sunday and Thursday, and Darrell Burgan (Palancar) who raids the air when he can.

Find out what's going on, listen to the music, join a hosted show... and more. Click and visit - this is the home of captivating electronica and ambient music. 

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