'Light' - 5th January 2022

SR - TEoS cover.jpg

Tonight, Around the Campfire's theme is 'Light'. We feature a brand new track from Solace Road - we are the first station to get hold of it, so do make sure you're here. The album isn't even released yet!

There will also be tracks from other artists, including Sheleah Nahshon, Pamplemousse, and Jim Ottaway as well as a Witch's brew (live improv) by your host.

Get comfy and let the light shine in.

Please note: The original broadcast included a blue screen crash courtesy of Windows and me trying to do too much with my PC. Powerful though it is, I pushed it a wee bit far. You are hearing an edited version to make the experience cleaner and less jarring.

Set List

Pamplemousse - Light - Thoughts

Sheleah Nahshon - Golden Light - SANCTUARY

Phillip Wilkerson - An Endless Light - Sojourner

Jim Ottaway - 29.5 Light-Years (TRAPPIST-1) - Deep Space Blue

​Christopher Alvarado - Arcades of Light - Translucence

Saul Stokes - Wire Light Hills - Zo Pilots

Witch's Brew


Solace Road - Light of the I - Essence of Self

La Ponto Ensemblo - III Light Anthem - Eniwetok Suite

Indigo Symbol - Dusk Light - Parallel Worlds

Jaime Munárriz - Fragile Filaments Of Light - Gardens in Candy Land

Kai Engel - Back to Lighted Streets - Rain Catcher

Alpha Wave Movement - Natural Light - Archaic Frontiers