'Ghosts' - 26th October 2022

Pixabay Ghost.jpg

It’s that time of year, the time when Around the Campfire goes spooky in preparation for our special event on Saturday (see below). You’ll hear music from Doug Michael, .5MNK, brokenkites as well as many more, and a suitably spooky Witch’s Brew from the witch herself. Be prepared for chills and maybe even some thrills as we gather in the gloom (or the comfy couch in a well-lit room if that’s your thing).

Tune in and CHILL out.

Set List

Jack Hertz - Ghost Galaxy (Antila 2) - Galactic Gems

brokenkites - What if I'm the Ghost - A Desaturated Version of Tomorrow

Brother Saturn - dreadful ghost - Pieces Of Eight

Daniel Robert Lahey - dream winds through ghostly forests - Unreleased

Autumn Tears - The Ghost Beside Me - The Origin Of Sleep

Eternalkeys - Cryin' Ghost - Cryin' Ghost

.5MNK - Ghost Algorithm - Breathing in the Sky

Witch's Brew


ʞu¡0ɹʞS - Ghosts - Over. Tone.

Numina - The Hostless Ghost - Shift To The Ghost

ontol - Ghosts in Metal - Pentimento

Joe Frawley - Ghostine - Strange Weather

Doug Michael - Ambient Ghost - Horror Films 2020

Roy Mattson - Waltzing with Her Ghost - Melancholy Moon