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'Soul' - 24th April 2024

Pixabay Soul.png

Tonight on Around the Campfire we’re delighted to showcase a brand new album from Max Corbacho: The Delicate Essence of Solitude. Slow, rich drones comprise this relaxing and peaceful album – you’re sure to enjoy chilling out to the music (and hearing it before almost everyone else). There will also be music by SOUNDICIAN, Subtle Shift, and many more. Of course, there will also be a live Witch’s Brew around 7pm.

Join us tonight and calm your soul with some wonderful music.

Set List

Max Corbacho - Mythic Shape - The Delicate Essence of Solitude

Max Corbacho - Soul Friend - The Delicate Essence of Solitude

Wolfgang Gsell - Rebuilding The Soul - Harmony

SOUNDICIAN - Two Souls - Evensong

Subtle Shift - Soul Pillow - Transient Broadcasts

ontol - (Desert) Souls and Sand - Auraline

Witch's Brew

Max Corbacho - Fragment of a Dream - The Delicate Essence of Solitude

Max Corbacho - Oracle of Dawn - The Delicate Essence of Solitude

Numina - Chorus of the Sleeping Souls - Solace

Dreamhub and Tony Gerber - Souls Seeking Refuge - Night Cathedral

SinQ - Summer Soul - 2k20 Year End Mix of old...

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