'Fields' - 20th April 2022

Pixabay Fields.jpg

Tonight, Around the Campfire brings you a wonderful collection of tracks all about fields and plains. You’ll hear music by Luna Firma, Joe Frawley, EugeneKha and more, and of course, there will be a Witch’s Brew (live improv), too. The music ranges from soft and dreamy to upbeat and beaty, so there should be something for everyone.

Set List

Christopher Short - Sunset Plains - Narration of Butterflies and a Crystalline Sky

Thom Brennan - Elysian Fields part 1 - Elysian Fields

Kai Engel - Celestial Plains - Deathless: The Renaissance

Saul Stokes - Fields - Fields

Shinpal - Timeless Field - Momentary Disappeared Memory

Joe Frawley - Plain Yellow Dress - Left Cincinnati

Loneward - Hidden in Plain Sight - Home

Lucette Bourdin - The Dew is on the Grass - Drum-atic Atmospheres

Ron Shayler - Kite In A Minefield - The Cousin Silas Emporium Members Project Volume 5

Erik Wøllo - High Plains - Different Spaces

Witch's Brew


Conni St. Pierre - Snowfields - Mountain Spirits

Marconi Union - Mossfield - Dead Air

James Shain - Fields of Joy - Windowless Journey

Pete Swinton - Poppy Field - The Cousin Silas Emporium Members Project Volume 17

Luna Firma - The Frozen Fields of Hydra - New Horizons

Gregory Kyryluk - Golden Fields - Ephemeral Highways

The Detritus of Love - Grass Between Your Toes - Mandatory Lockdown EP