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Hello, and welcome to my site.

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Please meet my avatar in Second Life, GypsyW1tch. She is much more photogenic than I am and is likely to be the reason you're reading this page now. My name is Diana Smethurst, but you can call me Gypsy.

Over a decade ago I met an avatar in Second Life called Spiral Sands and through him got to know the real-life man, Mike Metlay. He introduced me to the world of ambient and electronic music, which he makes himself (and is pretty darned good). I got listening to his show and was hooked.

One day, he couldn't make his show and the station wanted it to run. I offered to host it for him, as I was already a DJ of a different genre of music in Second Life. I stood in for him, and the rest is history. I was given my own show and hosted it for a couple of years and now here I am, co-founder of the internet radio station RadioSpiral, that I run with MikeRebekkah HilgravesPaul HarrimanJoe McMahon, Kyizl Sands, and Jan Ross (who is a penguin...).

Find out more about RadioSpiral here.

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