'Visitations' - 12th October 2022

Pixabay Visitations.jpg

Tonight, Around the Campfire is delighted to bring you a feature on the 2022 album released by Michael Brückner: Eleventh Sun – ReVisited. This huge album includes tracks from Michael in combination with a number of friends such as Forrest Fang and Robert Rich. This anniversary edition celebrates his second label release. The decade-old tracks have been remixed, reworked and re-imagined by the other artist – all of them well respected and highly influential members of the vast electronic music community. Along with four tracks from the featured album, there will be many more by other artists along the theme of ‘Visitations’. There will also be a live improv (Witch’s Brew) by your host.

Revisit RadioSpiral and discover some wonderful new music and some old favourites in a two-hour long show.

Set List

Robert Rich & Michael Brückner - Purjah - ReVisited - Eleventh Sun - ReVisited

ZenSugar & Michael Brückner - Caspiquan Part 1 (Liz In Mink) - ReVisited - Eleventh Sun - ReVisited

Cousin Silas & OneAmbient4 - Unexpected Visitor - The Emporium Project 1point3

George L Smyth - Cool Stars Enter - Haiku Music Volume 1

Linn Friberg - The Arrival - Mars Perseverance

Magnetic Wind - Entering the Shell - Sounds of Rumi

Witch's Brew


Michael Brückner - Agens - Original Version - Eleventh Sun - ReVisited

Forrest Fang & Michael Brückner - Caspiquan Part 2 (Liz At The Sea) - ReVisited - Eleventh Sun - ReVisited

Joe Frawley - Psyche Entering Cupid's Garden - Waterhouse

Tony Gerber and Phil Keaggy - Arrival - Pristine Chapel