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'Twilight' - 18th January 2023

Pixabay Twilight.jpg

Tonight Around the Campfire is happy to present tracks from Max Corbacho's latest album 'Atmospheric Twilight', as well as other music with a twilight theme. You'll hear two long players from Max's album, as well as tracks by other artists such as Giles Reaves and Paul Vnuk Jnr. There are a lot of long play tracks tonight, and a few beats amongst them. There will also be a live improv by your host.

Catch up with the community in Discord or Second Life or just tune in, chill out and relax.

Set List

Max Corbacho - Dusk Awakes - Atmospheric Twilight

Alpha Wave Movement - Veil of the Twilight Moon - Transcendence

Haruka Nakamura - Evening Prayer Twilight - The Silent Ballet Volume 16

Arcanum - Welcome To The Twilight Zone - Man In The Mirror

windspace - Twilight Council - Zephyr

Lily Pond Orchestra - Twilight Fires - Suite For New England

Witch's Brew


Max Corbacho - Stillness Glow - Atmospheric Twilight

Giles Reaves - Twilight - Sea Of Glass

Paul Vnuk Jr. - Alabaster Twilight - Hymn of Tongues

The Color of Sleep - TwilightBlue III - TwilightBlue

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