'Temple' 30th March 2022

Pixabay Temple.jpg

Tonight, Around the Campfire brings you a sacred space to relax – in music about temples. Whether it’s a Jungle Temple by Symatic Star, a Tranquility Temple by Alpha Wave Movement or a Temple of the Rose by Sheleah Nahshon, you can be sure that you’ll be able to connect with some peace, at least for a while. There will also be an ethereal Witch’s Brew (live improv) by your host. Tune in and join us!

If the only temples you’ve been connected with are the ones that are contributing to a headache, then you need tonight’s show...

Set List

Symatic Star - Jungle Temple - Spectrum

Robert Rich - Temple of Eyes - Rainforest

Sheleah Nahshon - Temple of the Rose - SANCTUARY

Arcticology - Temple - Haven

Brother Saturn - Temple By The Sea - Dreams Of Sand

Loren Nerell - Return to Temple of the Frog - The Gong Prophet

Indigo Symbol - Outside the Temple - Parallel Worlds

Thom Brennan - The Burning Temple - Mountains

Witch's Brew


Lily Pond Orchestra - Temple of the Woodlands - On the Wings of a Dragonfly

Numina - Return to the Crystal Temple - Eye of the Nautilus

Carbon Entity - Ancient Temples of Proxima Centauri B - Within The Cosmic Void

Ozone Player - Jasmine Snow Temple - The Mind Gap