Boat on Still Water

Tonight Around the Campfire is delighted to introduce you to the music of Chris Kuborn, with tracks from his brand new album “Static Movement”. We’ll feature four tracks by Chris, and there will be more from other amazing artists on the theme “Static”. There will also be the (almost) mandatory live improv by your host. I hope you’ll join us in Slack chat, in Second Life or that you’ll tune in for what promises to be a lovely show.

Set List

Chris Kuborn - Static Movement - Static Movement


Chris Kuborn - Discovery - Static Movement

Dawn Tuesday - Static Universe - HCR 100

George L Smyth - Me this stillness this awake - Me this stillness this awake

Indigo Symbol - As They Lay Still - Zenith

Robert Carty - Wakeful Stillness - Being Here

Witch's Brew

Chris Kuborn - Forgotten Waves - Static Movement

Chris Kuborn - Ice Caves - Static Movement

Chromadrift - Static Memory - Temporary Escape

Dan Pound - Deeper Still - Dreams That Take You

Darren Harper - Static Lull - Whispers

Tony Gerber - Life Stilled - Totem

Sensitive Chaos - Groove Static - Live At The Mudlark Public Theater

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