'Spirit' - 25th May 2022

Pixabay Spirit2.jpg

Tonight on Around the Campfire there’s a slight change in format – and season. Tonight’s theme is ‘Spirit’ and that’s because a fair chunk of the second half of the show will be a musical live improv and story which lends itself to the theme. There will be some great music, too – Lucette Bourdin, Sheleah Nahshon and Kuutana amongst others. Why not have a little bit of October in May?

Join us in spirit and enjoy.

Set List

Robert Rich - Spirit Catcher - Propagation

Robert Carty - Deep Spirit - Deep Spirit

Lucette Bourdin - Spirit of the Equinox - Nordic Waves, Vol. 4: Autumn

Mario Schönwälder - Spirit Of Love - Hypnotic Beats

Sheleah Nahshon - Mountain Spirit - SANCTUARY

Phillip Wilkerson - Spirit Wood - Microlinear

Max Corbacho - In Mind, Spirit, and Light - Lost Links II - The Complete Collection

Witch's Brew


David Gerard - Spirit Animal - Homage

Kuutana - The Spirits - Second Horizon