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'Spirit' - 22nd March 2023

Pixabay Spirit.jpg

Tonight on Around the Campfire we offer the perfect humpday pick-me-up, with a set all about spirit. Beautiful, relaxing tracks come together to help you unwind… and include artists such as Peter Phippen, Gregg Plummer, and Sheleah Nahshon amongst others. There will also be a chilled Witch’s Brew (live improv) around halfway during the show.

Join us tonight for music and company that will lift your spirits.

Set List

Peter Phippen - Spirit Guides - Into the Ancient

Cousin Silas & Kevin Lyons - Divining Spirits - The Worlds Of Cousin Silas & Kevin Lyons

Wings Of An Angel - Those Spiritual Nights Out - Lemon Stardust

David Gerard - Spirit Animal - Homage

Gregg Plummer - Spirit Winds - Remember This Place

Robert Rich - Spirit Catcher - Propagation

Levente - Renaissance Spirit - Empires of Silence

Mike Andrews - Song of the Spirits - Project Zero

Witch's Brew


Phillip Wilkerson - Spirit Wood - Microlinear

Mario Schönwälder - Spirit Of Love - Hypnotic Beats

Dan Pound - Ancient Spirit - Wolf Moon

Kuutana - Warming Spirits - Rebirth

Tony Gerber - Ancestral Spirit - Ancestral Spirit

Sheleah Nahshon - Mountain Spirit - SANCTUARY

SinQ - Kindred Spirits - siNq - 2k20 Year End Mix of old ...

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