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'Ancient' - 22nd February 2023

Pixabay Space.jpg

Tonight’s show of Around the Campfire will celebrate our attendance at Second Life’s Sci Fi Convention, with a set all about space. You’ll hear a variety of both chill and beaty track from artists such as Pallid Mask, Sequential Dreams, and Altus, amongst many others. There will also be a spacey-style Witch’s Brew (live improv) at around the halfway mark of the show.

If you want to hear music that’s really out of this world, then you’ll want to be Around the Campfire tonight.

Set List

Brannan Lane - Ambient Space Dreams - Ambient Singles, Vol. 1

Martin Stürtzer - Spacers - Gemstones II

Loneward - Sacred Space - Home

Ocean in a Bottle - First Space Station facing the Moon 2 - First Space Station facing the Moon

Nimanty - Space - Time Space Light

Max Corbacho - This Luminous Space - BreathStream

Ryan O'Rourke - Journey To Space - Re-Think

Oper-8 - Spacedrops - Outspace

Witch's Brew


Saul Stokes - Hurried Space - Outfolding

Pallid Mask - Through Time and Space - The Journey

Wolfgang Gsell and Lutz Thuns - Space Opera 2015 - Behind the Fog

MindPhaser - Beyond Space and Time - Canticles of Dune

Alpha Wave Movement - Solina Spaceways - Echoes In The Vacuum

Altus - Soft Space - Trailhead

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