Tonight Around the Campfire is proud to present tracks from Altus’ brand new album: Sleep Theory Volume 4. Of course, that guarantees good music, but you can be sure there’ll be plenty more with a set full of wonderful tracks on the theme “Sleep”. Just to make sure that you don’t fall asleep during the show, though, Gypsy’s live improv will have plenty of beatz.

Settle back and enjoy.

Set List

Altus - Session 10 - Sleep Theory Volume 4


Carbon Entity - Travelling in Deep Cryosleep - Within The Cosmic Void

Autumn Tears - The Origin Of Sleep - The Origin Of Sleep

Julien Mier - Sleep in sand - Soon, close maybe too far

Nettless - Beyond the Wall of Sleep - From Beyond

Saul Stokes - sleep1 -Unreleased Tracks

Witch's Brew

Altus - Session 11 - Sleep Theory Volume 4

anantakara, featuring Mukti - Aroused From Sleep - The Never Dying Fire

Joe McMahon - Sleeping Now - 3AM

kalabi - Keep Falling (Sleeping on the Job mix) - Support Network