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'Sea' - 11th January 2023

Pixabay Voyage.jpg

Tonight, take a voyage with Around the Campfire and explore the sea and sea voyages as well as enjoy a brand new track from our good friend Annemarie Borg. There’s lot of other good music too, from artists such as Nimanty, Jack Hertz and SinQ, and of course, many others. There will be a live improv by your host halfway through, too.

Drift on a sea of wonderful music and join us Around the Campfire tonight.

Set List

Annemarie Borg - Invitation au voyage - Soon to be released

Nimanty - Return Voyage - Distant Call

Brannan Lane - On a Cosmic Sea (feat. Zero Ohms) - Ambient DUETS In Space

David Gerard - Follow the Path to the Sea - The Science of Sleep

Edmahnd - One Last Voyage - Drones At Midnight

Jack Hertz - Interstellar Voyager - Planet Red

Brother Saturn - Temple By The Sea - Dreams Of Sand

Witch's Brew


Saul Stokes - Every Voyage - Sleek Nucleus

Natural Life Essence - Vision of sea (thru forest) - Seeds and spores

Robert Logan - Voyager - Sculptor Galaxy

lexicon of sound - all at sea - hypnagogia

SinQ - Laidback Sea - siNq - 2k20 Year End Mix of old ...

Wavestar - Voyager - Moonwind

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