'Rise' 23rd March 2022

Pixabay Rise.jpg

Tonight Around the Campfire plans to lift you up with some beautiful and inspiring music on the theme of ‘Rise’. We’ll hear tracks from Ombient, remst8, and our very own Joe McMahon, as well as many others. There will also be a Witch’s Brew (live improv) around halfway through the show. You can join the usual chat and community in Second Life and Discord, but you don’t need to be in either to enjoy the show.

Tune in to ascend to musical Nirvana… or at least to enjoy some excellent ambient music.

Set List

ontol - On Elder Rise, summer afternoon - the other field's flowers

Max Corbacho - Pillar Ascension - Ars Lucis

Robert Otto - Ascent - Lux Aeterna

Brother Saturn - Ascending Towards The Light - Passage of Light

Ombient - Lifted into the Great Blue Sky - Unreleased

remst8 - Ascension v1.00 - Within EP

Mike Andrews - Rise of the Machines - Slaves to the Machines

Witch's Brew


Pamplemousse - Rise - Thoughts

Joe McMahon - Ascension Island - Ocean Music

Sensitive Chaos - L'Ascension - Seeker After Patterns

Ancient Astronaut - Levitation - Hospital Planet

Karl Fury - ascending dreams - ambient earth improv

Arcticology - Ascent - Haven

David Gerard and Michael Brückner - The Rise Before, The Falling Away - The Electronic Consortium