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'Reflections' - 8th March 2023

Pixabay Reflection.jpg

Tonight, Around the Campfire features artists who have made their music on reflection – that is, every title has a reflection in it. You’ll hear both relaxing and beaty music from Alpha Wave Movement, Joe McMahon (Equinox Deschanel), and Gregg Plummer, amongst others. There will be the usual Witch’s Brew (live improv) around half time, too.

Sit back tonight and reflect on some wonderful  music.

Set List

Alpha Wave Movement - Dune Reflections - Eolian Reflections

Christopher Short - Reflections on Moonlit Water - Narration of Butterflies and a Crystalline Sky

Cousin Silas - Emotional Reflections - Twang 002

Anantakara - The Wise And The Reflecting Lake - Serenity Despite The Storm

Gregg Plummer - In The Reflection - Mirrored Echoes

Saul Stokes - Stories Reflect in Those Eyes - Metacollage

Arcticology - Reflection - Eternal Now

Joe McMahon - Reflections in the Lagoon - 3AM

Witch's Brew


Scott Lawlor - Reflections of Snow - Reflections of Snow

Puppy Bordiga - Reflections at Sunrise - Ad Astra

Kuutana - Moonlight Reflections - In Memoriam -- A Tribute to Vangelis

STAN DART - Reflections - Murinsel II

4T Thieves - Reflection - Glass EP

Hendu's Groove - Reflection - Reflection

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