'Quiet' 6th July 2022

Pixabay Quiet.jpg

On reading the title of this message, you may well think that it’s going to be a very boring set tonight. Oh, how wrong you would be! There are beatz in there, and plenty of good music for you to relax to from Rhian Sheehan, Teus, and Victor Yibril amongst others. In addition, and as a complete contrast to the main set, the Witch’s Brew (live improv) will be about as beaty as it can get, just to make sure you’re awake.

Join us and enjoy a quiet (?) night in…

Set List

Cousin Silas - Softly Spoken, Whispered Almost - Sky Watching

Meg Bowles - A Quiet Light - A Quiet Light

Brother Saturn - The Trees Were Silenced - We Must Be Still

La Ponto Ensemblo - IV Synergy And Silence - Eniwetok Suite

Charles Denler - Whispering Seas - One Drop Became an Ocean

Kuutana - A Quiet Thought - Moonrise

lexicon of sound - whisper - the abilene paradox

Teus - Quiet - Was Here

Witch's Brew


Lomita - Place of Silence - This Music Plants Trees 2

Alpha Wave Movement - A Quiet Invocation - Ambienism Volume One

Victor Yibril - Arriving at the Quiet Place - Some Perfect Curtains Vol. 2

Rhian Sheehan - Standing in Silence Part 3 - The Silent Ballet Volume 11

Joe Frawley - Whisperalia - Satyrinae

Silvercord and Altus - The Twilight Whispers Her Name - Lullaby