Privacy Policy


This website uses, which may share information from visitors to our website with various third parties, including certain service providers (including content delivery networks, security services, domain name services, and others), law enforcement officials and application developers. Wix may keep this information for as long as this site is active, and longer as needed (for example, if they are legally obligated to keep it longer, or need it to protect their interests). If you wish to have your data downloaded or removed from the site, please contact Gypsy Witch to have this done; Wix provides tools for this purpose, but they must be run manually.

RadioSpiral has a significant presence in Second Life. You may join the RadioSpiral group in Second Life to be notified of events related to RadioSpiral in Second life, including but not limited to live performances and DJ appearances. You may opt-in or out at any time using Second Life's group mechanisms. We do not record or share information related to membership in our Second Life group. Staff members of the radio station may be granted extra privileges in Second Life (access to restricted areas, access to the RadioSpiral "holodeck" to set up performance spaces, access to rez stage props).

RadioSpiral and Gypsy Witch do not transfer personally-identifying data to any other entity, other than as needed to permit access to Slack and to subscribe users who request it to our Wordpress newsletter. We do not sell the list or newsletter subscribers, nor do we otherwise provide it to anyone else.

We are committed to securing your personal information and use various security measures to better protect it. However, as we can’t guarantee absolute protection, we encourage you to be careful when posting sensitive or personal information, especially in chat.

Please see the Wordpress GDPR notices (for the RadioSpiral webpage) for details on their usage of subscription data, the Slack GDPR notices for more details on Slack's own use of the chat and login data, and the Second Life GDPR notices for details on their use of personally-identifiable data.


For more information on RadioSpiral's privacy policy, click here.