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Live streaming music every Sunday!

I'm delighted to inform you all that (subject to both our schedules) I shall be live-streaming Tony Gerber's fabulous live show on RadioSpiral every Sunday at 8pm Pacific, right after the equally fabulous Spiral with Mike Metlay. What this means is that you can not only listen to his show, but also see him live in Second Life, without actually needing a Second Life account. It's fun for me, fun for the audience (so I am told) and you can still chat and be part of the community. This all takes place on YouTube, but I will still be in RadioSpiral's Slack chat too, providing my fingers don't seize with all the work they'll be doing. If you'd like to be there, why not subscribe to my channel now, then you'll have advanced notice of everything I do, and you can cherry pick what you're interested in. It's free and won't clog up any inboxes. :) Click here to subscribe, you're safe with me (muahahahaha!).

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