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New Year, New Look...

"Mini Me"

You may have noticed that I've given the website a completely different look. I do hope you like it. It's not just the new year, to be honest, it's also branding. If you aren't already aware, I have a YouTube channel where I offer tutorial videos on Second Life, to help those that want to join our Second Life RadioSpiral community. There's also a chance to see what's out there from the comfort of your armchair until you're ready to join and go inworld yourself. The image here is my "Mini Me" and is my main YouTube channel logo.

For those that really aren't interested in joining Second Life, I've also started live-streaming some of our shows where live music is played. This means you can see what's going on in Second Life, chat with others and not feel excluded. I'm bringing the worlds together! Please take a look at my channel and do subscribe. I hope you've had a great start to your new year, and I hope to speak to you during my show tonight. :)

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