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Finding Nirvana

Want a free track and make someone smile in the process? Now you can, with my latest piece of music, which also has a video with it. Why? Well, the video and the music was created for my friend Nirvana, who recently had a birthday. She's had a rough time, and I wanted to do something to make her smile. She loves personal gifts, as well as '80s music and fantasy, especially Lord of the Rings. So, I put them together, along with a vertically-challenged Knight in shining armour and came up with the video.

I've made the track free to download and the video is here on My Music page for you to view. Every time someone visits (a unique hit), the hit counter (for that page only) will go up and show Nirvana how many people are interested in finding her. Make her smile - go see the vid. Thank you!

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