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The Dream Statement

"Here is my first album". Words I never thought I'd ever write with any truth behind them, I mean, I'm not a musician, am I? I'm a listener, a curator of tracks, a planner of setlists. I don't make music, not me. Well, apparently I do.

Recently, I have joined the ranks of those incredibly brave individuals that play live on air, and even more amazingly, I've enjoyed it. You can find some of my live tracks in My Music, and thank Sean McCarthy (Altocirrus) if you like them. Now, though, I actually have an album.

Released on 22nd May 2017, my debut album, Unspoken, had a few teaser tracks aired on RadioSpiral on 21st May, and comments were kind, to say the least. Now I find people have actually bought it! Have you had a listen? Would you like to? If so, check out the fabulous netlabel Aural Films, and find my album here.

It's amazing what you can achieve if you put your mind to it. So - put your mind to it!

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