As you may know, the UK has been battered by Storm Ciara, leaving considerable devastation in many places. Thankfully, your host is just fine, but she could do with some positives around storms right now. Hence this set, where something that can be so destructive inspires something wonderful – music.

You’ll hear tracks from Tim Kays (a real storm-chaser!), Kuutana, Hendu's Groove and more. There will also be a suitably stormy Brew (live improv), too. Stay warm, safe and entertained Around the Campfire tonight!

Set List

iSteve - Beware the Storm (In anticipation of Hurricane Sandy) - Unreleased

Joe McMahon - Approaching Thunder - Shatterday

Kuutana - Ion Storm on Jupiter Station - Undiscovered Shores

Lily Pond Orchestra - The Silver Wind - Pluto's Melancholy - Music From a Dismissed Planet

Lucette Bourdin - While the Storm Passes - Rising Fog

Max Corbacho - Slow Thunder - Lost Links

Museleon - Rainbirds - Edges of Solstice

poemme - path of the wind - Escape to Blue

Witch's Brew 


Tim Kays - Realm Of The Storm Giants - Into The Rift Volume Two

Altus - Leaf in the Wind - Macro

Daniel Robert Lahey - beautiful storm -  sorrows and sun-breaks 

Hendu's Groove - Rain - Hypnotic

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