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Around the Campfire has been considering this theme for weeks now, but has never got a ROUND to it. Tonight, let’s look at all sorts of orbs with tracks from Dreamhub, Ishq and Ma Ja Le to name but a few. Of course, there will also be live improv (Witch’s Brew) by your host and the usual fun with our amazing community, both in Slack and in Second Life.

Join us tonight, and have a ball!

Set List

Jack Hertz - 7.83 Hz: Ionosphere (2013) excerpt - Astronauts 4

Sensitive Chaos - The Heliosphere Is A Harsh Mistress - March Of The Timeshifters

Ishq - Florasphere - Moonflower

Susperia-Electrica - Heliosphere -  A World Beyond Our Own 

4T Thieves - Squares of Coloured Circles (Original) - Squares of Coloured Circles

Wolfgang Gsell - Dream Circles - Sound Paths

Altus - Ionosphere - Air

Joe Frawley - The Magic Circle/Consulting the Oracle - Waterhouse

Brother Saturn - Ancient Sphere - Caverns and Canyons (B-Sides and Unreleased Songs)

Witch's Brew

Tony Gerber and Phil Keaggy - Troposphere - Pristine Chapel

Cousin Silas & Stehn Söderman - Sun's Full Circle By The Mountain Lake - The Emporium Project 1point1

Dan Pound - Starting The Circle - Horizon

Robert Rich - Interlocking Circles - Geometry

Dreamhub - Dubsphere - Ambient Gardens

Erik Wøllo and Byron Metcalf - Valley of Spheres - Earth Luminous

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