As you are no doubt aware, RadioSpiral is taking part in Second Life’s Sci-Fi Convention, which raises money for the American Cancer Society. This starts on Friday, and even if you’re not in Second Life, you can still hear the music and the live concerts as they will be streamed on RadioSpiral. It’s a great event and we’ll bring our part of it to you.

To get you all ready for the convention and Space (which doesn’t mean social distancing!), tonight’s theme is, well… Space. As well as a spacey Witch’s Brew, you can hear Loneward, Paul Nagle, Spiralized and many more, too. Join us in Second Life, in Slack chat or just tune in and enjoy the music.

Set List

Kit Watkins - This Time and Space - This Time and Space

Robert Carty - Oceanic Space Joy - Oceanic Space

Jack Hertz - Space-Time Crystal -  Planet Red 

Loneward - Sacred Space - Home

Ocean in a Bottle - Space fighter in two - Space Graveyard Volume 1

Susperia-Electrica - A Day In Space - Turmoil

Daniel Robert Lahey - highly localized distortion of the space time continuum -  space

Auroric Dreams - A Space Modulation - As The Orbit Grows 

Witch's Brew 

Spiralized - Love In Outer Space - Sailing On A Sea Of Falling Stars

Cousin Silas and Mr Spiral - Three Spaces (Guitar + Aebea) - The Emporium Project 1point1

Giles Reaves - Sacred Space -  Sacred Space

Oper-8 - Beyond Known Space -  Space Station Soma

M.NOMIZED - Radiant World - Free

Paul Nagle - From Space - Red Book

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