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Around the Campfire is delighted to bring you, hot off the press, some tracks from Altus' new album Trailhead. Some pieces have been heard before, but there are several new tracks, too. It is some of these new tracks that we'll play tonight, as well as others with the theme "Soft". Let's face it, 2020 has been hard, and a little bit of gentle won't go amiss.

See out one of the worst years we've had for decades in style... with Altus, many other great RadioSpiral musicians, and your host, Gypsy Witch. There is also a Witch's Brew (live improv)... with a twist. :)

Set List

Altus - Soft Space - Trailhead

Altus - Overwhelmed by Starlight - Trailhead

Robert Rich - Soft Rains Fall - What We Left Behind

Cousin Silas - Delicate Whisper - Lift The Sky

James Shain - The Wind Sings Softness -  Windowless Journey 

kalabi - Like a Feather - Support Network

Witch's Brew

Altus - Sentinel - Trailhead

Altus - A View from Above - Trailhead

Kit Watkins - The Soft Caress of Freedom - The Gathering Set 2

Hendu's Groove - Mellow - Well Chilled

Mike Andrews - Softly - Serve Chilled

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