With the way things have been for months now, we’ve been looking up at the sky from behind panes of glass. It’s not the same as being outside: there is something to be said for the freeing feeling of seeing a big sky properly. Tonight you’ll be treated to lots and lots of sky, in the beautiful music of Forrest Fang, Annemarie Borg and Ombient, amongst others. There will also be an expansive Witch’s Brew.


Kick back and enjoy two hours of uplifting music.

Set List

Robert Rich - Sky Tunnel - Electric Ladder

Scott Lawlor - Polarizing Sky - Bioluminescence

Sensitive Chaos - Rain Falls Down Like An Ocean In The Sky -  Walking a Beautiful World 

Spheruleus - How White The Cerulean Sky - The Disguised Familiar

Wolfgang Gsell - Midnight Sky - Sound Paths

zen rat - a walk beneath the smiling sky -  To The Heights 

Witch's Brew

Anantakara - The Great Chi In The Sky - Momentum Lapses

Annemarie Borg - Dark Movements - Athena

Brother Saturn - Satellites In The Sky - The Satellite EP 

Forrest Fang - Left of the Sky - Following The Ether Sun

Ombient - Lifted into the Great Blue Sky - Unreleased

Rinse, Repeat. - Seasky - Spin Cycle

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