Podcast "Palancar's Fire" - 2nd Oct 2019

Around the Campfire continues its exploration of the elements with music about fire. As well as these flaming great tracks, there's also a look at music from the latest two albums by our very own Palancar (Darrell Burgan). The tracks are long, so you'll hear some choice excerpts to give you a feel for the music of the "Grandfather of Ambient Radio".


With the nights drawing in, what better way to warm up than music* to chill to, that's actually quite hot! Bask in the flames and enjoy some of the best of RadioSpiral.

*Note: There may be beatz. Well, OK, there ARE beatz. Lots of them. :)

Set List

Palancar - Session 1 (excerpt) - Live In Studio 2017-2019

Max Corbacho - The Endless Flame - The Ocean Inside

Robert Carty - Tending the Flame - Midnight Rainbows

The Omega Core - They Look Back Upon the Burning - Massive Black

Altus - Overture For Fire - The Elements: Fire

Lucette Bourdin - Last Small Spark - Drum-atic Atmospheres

Auroric Dreams - Spark - Outpost

Brother Saturn - Of Fire and Ice - Tales of Space Exploration 17 - 24

Alex Papadiamantis - Fire Dance - This Music Plants Trees

Witch's Brew 


Palancar - Music For Music With Space (excerpt) - Music For Music With Space

Caul - A Star That Burned - Green Is The Night And Out Of Madness Woven

grum-pe - Catching Three Fireflies - The Tyranny of Distance

Numina - Secrets from the Flame - Eye of the Nautilus

Paul Nagle - Smoke - CyberDiver

zen rat - of smoke and spark - a world beneath the world

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