Tonight Around the Campfire features a blustery playlist of some of your favourite artists – and hopefully some that will become your favourites. Blowing in from all over the globe to bring you their fabulous music are Parityflux, Dreamhub and Tony Gerber, and Loneward amongst many others. There will also be a live improv – a Witch’s Brew – by your host.

Relax and listen to some beautiful music from RadioSpiral.

poemme - path of the wind - Escape to Blue

Max Corbacho - Abandoned Wind - Nocturnal Emanations
Daniel Robert Lahey - strings in the wind - sweetly ominous

Conni St. Pierre  - Wind In The Trees - Between The Branches: Legends Of The Wild
Dreamhub and Tony Gerber - Welcome Wind - Night Cathedral
George L Smyth - Wind Turbines Harvest Silver Fog - Haiku Music Volume 8

Gregory Bond - Singing Trees in the Wind (extended) - In Resonance


Witch's Brew

Gregory Kyryluk - Wind Dome Hill - Ephemeral Highways

Jack Hertz - Solar Wind Took My Breath Away - Mars Perseverance

Parityflux - Windward on Lake Sevan - Three Fathoms

Paul Nagle - breath on a window - Ephemeris

Julien Mier - Windmills & Lantarnlights - Have Courage Funny Thing

Nienvox - Winds of the Moon - Huge And Abstract