This week the show explores music that goes below, beneath and under. Not everything that's below is dark, as you will hear in the great music tonight. There are tracks from Brother Saturn, Joe McMahon and Dan Pound to name just three of the wonderful artists featured. There will also be a Witch's Brew (live improv).

There will also be... a very much shortened show due to technical issues. The show doesn't start with the theme, as being all in a flap I forgot to record it, but you won't miss anything else that was aired. Still good music, still worth a listen, and still a live improv, too.

Magnetic Wind - The World Below - Chakras

Joe McMahon - A Walk Under the Trees - 3AM

George L Smyth - Under A Winter Moon - Haiku Music Volume 2

Tone Ghost Ether - Cloud Seven Below - The White Space


Witch's Brew


Autumn Tears - Breathing Beneath The Soil - The Origin Of Sleep

Daniel Robert Lahey - subterranean exploration - N/A

Cousin Silas - Submerged - Twang 007

Dan Pound - Under Her Spell - Medusazoa

Brother Saturn - Subterranean - The Hidden Signal

Jarguna and Friends - Down Under - Trapped Vol. 1


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