Two Wine Cups

Tonight, Around the Campfire will feature music from the new album moduru by Chris Stack. There are many superlatives that come to mind when trying to describe the album, but the best ones you’ll choose yourself if you listen in. There will also be other great music on the theme of ‘Two’; inspired by one of Chris’ tracks, “two moons”. If all that is not enough, there will also be a live improv by your host.

Sit back and relax to TWO hours of great music.

Set List

Chris Stack - the twelve-winded sky - Modoru


playman54 - chamber two (Rebellious Hearts) - Chambers (a life raw)

Syndromeda - Between two rivers - On Demand

Phillip Wilkerson - Two Breaths of Forever - Highlands

ontol - two days and nights (of the other field's flowers) - the other field's flowers

SOUNDICIAN - Two Souls - Evensong

Bing Satellites - Cascade Two (Piano and Horns) - Piano Cascades

Morandi Experiment - Minus Two - Unknown Progressions

Witch's Brew

Chris Stack - modoru :: part 1 - Modoru

Chris Stack - two moons - Modoru

Brother Saturn - A Cursed Wedding Of Two Distant Mountains - Near Death Experience

Dan Pound - Phase two - Lunar Effect

Plexus - A Light Breeze for Two - The Music of Plexus

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