Pebble Road

Tonight I’m delighted to introduce you to the music of Midnight Airship, with two tracks from their latest album Learning to Fly. Their music is more ambi-rock than ambient, but I think you’ll enjoy it, especially as I have many more tracks to play from artists such as Paul Vnuk Jnr., Sequentonal and windspace as well as a live improv (Witch’s Brew).

It’s a packed show, but with a very chill vibe. Join us and relax.

Set List

Paul Vnuk Jnr. - Alabaster Twilight - Hymn of Tongues


Meg Bowles - Migration At Dusk - Evensong: Canticles For The Earth

Robert Otto - Twilight - Ambient Nights

Cousin Silas - A Warm December Evening - Festive

Shane Morris - Twilight Returns - Equinox

Ben Cox - At Dusk - multi threaded

Witch's Brew

Midnight Airship - Purple Twilight - Learning to Fly

Midnight Airship - For Whom the Bell Tolls - Learning to Fly

Haruka Nakamura - Evening Prayer Twilight - The Silent Ballet Volume 16

windspace - Twilight Council - Zephyr

Kit Watkins - Evening Mothra - The Gathering Set 2

The Color of Sleep - TwilightBlue III - TwilightBlue

Sequentonal - Duskglider - Blast from the Past 2000-2015

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