It's been a year of lows, so tonight, Around the Campfire will raise the bar and raise the theme, too, with tracks based on the theme of "Summit". There's a great mix of music styles, that are sure to uplift and perhaps offer some respite from ongoing problems around the world. Join us for community, good music and some time out from it all.

Sacred Moments - On the High Ridge - January 2018 Week 3
poemme  - bright zenith - Day Arc
Modern Crusader - Elevation - Long Way Home I
usr sbin - Dry on the High Plains - Full Flower
Anantakara - The High Meets The Low - Momentum Lapses
Ben Woods - Above and Beyond - We Are Silhouettes Now
Gregg Plummer - Apogee - Luna

jarguna and Friends - High Peaks - Trapped Vol. 3

Witch's Brew

Fred Becker - Highlands - Stardrifts
Wings Of An Angel - Peak Experience - Lemon Stardust
Mike Andrews - Above the Stars - E-motion
Hendu's Groove - Above The Clouds - Reflection
Echo Us - From the Highlands
 - Zenith

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