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Tonight on Around the Campfire we go deep into the recesses of the soul and the spirit… and bring you wonderful music inspired by the theme. We’re delighted to showcase two new (to us) tracks from the self-titled album by Solace Road, as well as tracks from Kuutana, Chromadrift and Tony Gerber amongst others.

... During the show there were requests for more Solace Road tracks, so you'll find them in the set. :)

Set List

Solace Road - The Pondering Soul - Solace Road


Kuutana - Warming Spirits - Rebirth

Playman 54 - His Soul Cried Acid Tears - In Ruins and Tears Beauty Grows

Subtle Shift - Soul Pillow - Transient Broadcasts

Solace Road - Through The Whist Lands - Solace Road

Dan Pound - My Soul To Take - Dreams That Take You

Max Corbacho - Soul Of The World - Source Of Present

Witch's Brew

Solace Road - Spectral Journey - Solace Road

Robert Rich - Spirit Catcher - Propagation

Solace Road - A Lucid Dream - Solace Road

Chromadrift - Sould Full of Nectar - The Story So Far

Solace Road - Introspection - Solace Road

Wolfgang Gsell - Rebuilding the Soul - Harmony

Tony Gerber - Ancestral Spirit - Ancestral Spirit

SOUNDICIAN - Two Souls - Evensong

Mike Andrews - Song of the Spirits - Project Zero

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