With Thanksgiving coming up for many of our listeners, travel is often on the cards, so tonight's theme is "Roads". Whether it's the road out, or the road home, our musicians have been inspired by the routes that get us there. Listen to Vaerna and Head Joint, Robert Dorschel and Kuutana give you their musical interpretations of routes here, there and everywhere. Many more artists are on the bill, as is the (now probably mandatory?) Witch's Brew. 

Get comfy and relax, while we do the travelling for you.

Set List

Cousin Silas -  Forgotten Tracks - Cousin Silas


Wolfgang Gsell -  Sound Paths - Sound Paths

Simon Wilkinson - Glidepath - Stateless

Mutation Vector - ancient path - Kill It Before It Multiplies!

Oxymythos - The Road Home - Oxymythos

Dan Pound - Path With a Heart - Night Watch

poemme - path of the wind - Escape to Blue

Erik Wøllo - Mosaic of Time: Hidden Path - Threshold Point

Witch's Brew

vaerna and Head Joint - Way of the Stars - Way of the Stars

Kuutana - Emerald Path - Waking Sun

Robert Dorschel - on the road to mojo - Preliminary

Wavestar II - Track of Time - Nightwinds

Altus - The Forest Pathway - Earth

Gregory Kyryluk - All Roads Lead Home - Ephemeral Highways

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