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Around the Campfire is delighted to bring you tracks from another new release (and what’s this… there’s one next week, too, as well as some giveaways?). Tonight we’ll feature tracks from the new album by Gregg Plummer and Lee Ellen Shoemaker – Invocation. A mix of Gregg’s fabulous music and the unique vocals of Lee Ellen, you won’t want to miss hearing this! In addition there will be the usual live improv by your host and a collection of inspiring tracks on the theme “Rise”… one of the titles from the album.

Set List

Gregg Plummer and Lee Ellen Shoemaker - From Ashes - Invocation


Tony Gerber - Magdalenian Sunrise - Sunset, Sunrise

windspace - Sierra Sunrise - Zephyr

ontol - elder rise, summer afternoon - the other field's flowers

Infinity Sideways - When the Second Sun Rises - Astronauts 8

Cousin Silas - Eternal Sunrise - Contrasts

Tim Kays - The Sun Also Rises - Occupation Lightworker

Witch's Brew

Gregg Plummer and Lee Ellen Shoemaker - Invocation - Invocation

Gregg Plummer and Lee Ellen Shoemaker - Rise - Invocation

Kuutana - Moonrise - Moonrise

Pamplemousse - Rise - Thoughts

poemme - last dream before sunrise - Day Arc

Kai Engel - Embracing The Sunrise - Calls and Echoes

Alpha Wave Movement - Luna Sunrise - A Distant Signal


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