We all need a little time out, even if it’s only for a bit of daydreaming, and tonight Around the Campfire will provide the soundtrack to your reverie, with music by Giles Reaves, SwitchTech and even the Gypsy herself. That’s not including a live improv by Gypsy, too, and lots more great music by other artists.

Treat yourself, take a break and enjoy some beautiful, contemplative music. Don’t be fooled, though, there are beatz (TM), too.

Arcticology - Daydream Sounds - Music for Daydreamers
Conni St. Pierre - River Reverie - Between The Branches: Legends Of The Wild
Daniel Robert Lahey - reverie (thing_314) - i have nothing better to do
Giles Reaves - reverie - Sea Of Glass
Kevin Fletcher Tweedy - Daydreaming - A Distant Vision
Alpha Wave Movement - Red Earth Reverie - Archaic Frontiers
Brother Saturn - Saturn Is Daydreaming (Bonus Track) - The Road Less Traveled

Witch's Brew

SwitchTech - Debussy's Reverie - N/A
Chris Russell - Reverie - Still
Thought Guild - Moon Blossom Meditation - Third Voyage
Gypsy Witch - Dance In My Daydreams - Unspoken
Hendu's Groove - Daydreamer - Reflection
Juta Takahashi - Daydream - Remembrance


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