Tonight, Around the Campfire is delighted to bring you tracks from the new album by Loneward – Pure. This is the gorgeous, drifty music that we’ve come to expect from Loneward, and of course, there will be more, too: from Kit Watkins, Conni St. Pierre, Spheruleus and others. There will also be a live improv by your host. If you want time to bliss out and chill, tonight’s set is made for you.

Loneward - Hushed - Pure

Loneward - Gateway's Reflection - Pure

Kit Watkins - Angels We Have Known - The Gathering Set 2

Max Corbacho - Pure Being - BreathStream
Michael Brückner - White Bell Of Anor - Servant Of The Secret Fire
Caul - White As The Harvest Moon - Green Is The Night And Out Of Madness Woven


Witch's Brew

Loneward - Pass By - Pure

Loneward - Let Go - Pure

Spheruleus - How White The Cerulean Sky - The Disguised Familiar

Conni St. Pierre - White Heather - Flower Spirits