Tonight Around the Campfire escapes to a desert oasis with the help of some fantastic music from our library of artists. Listen to Julien Mier, Juta Takahashi, and Aevio, plus many more great artists. There will also be a live Witch’s Brew (improv) by your host, which will be a treat for world music lovers.

There are many more musicians and tracks in the show, so listen in and enjoy.

Set List

Brother Saturn - A Cold Shelter In The Desert - Near Death Experience


Numina - In Cerulean Haze - The Deception of Reality

The Lovely Moon - Driving Across The Desert - Journeys to Peace & Happiness

Jack Hertz - The Desert Floor - CONTORTED

Jacob Newman - Great Salt Desert - Reflections and Diffusions

George L Smyth - Evening Haze - Haiku Music Volume 7

M. NOMIZED - Black Sand Grass - Galdrastifir

Witch's Brew

Sacred Moments - Desert Roots - January 2018 Week 3

Juta Takahashi - Heat Haze - Light and Shadows (Disc 1)

Aevio - Oasis - Oasis EP

DeusExSounds - Mirage - The Cousin Silas Emporium Members Project Volume 2

Julien Mier - Sleep in sand - Soon, close, maybe too far

Alpha Wave Movement - Desert Light - The Regions Between