Get ready for the most interesting musical ride tonight on Around the Campfire… as we showcase some tracks composed by listeners. Some tracks are new or newer tracks from established artists, and some are from folks that listen in and have never had a track aired in their life! From drones to beatz to everything in between (that are suitable for our station), it’s all here, so join us and see what your fellow listeners are capable of…

... I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. There's also a live Witch's Brew, too!

Listeners' Tracks Podcast

As the usual music player for this page just does not like tonight's stream, you can listen in by clicking here.

Set List

Flavigula -  Portrait of a Wife - Älläï


Mr.Spiral -  heso no jukuko (naive piano) - Unreleased

Bang Zero - morning hills meditation - Unreleased

Steve Weinstock - Meditation 1 - A New Day - Unreleased

The Aefonic - Amber Drift - Unreleased

windspace - It's Dawn There - Single

Tim Walters - Barefoot to the Chin - Unreleased

Off Land - Amethyst - On Earth

George L Smyth - Little Dragonfly Hunter - Little Dragonfly Hunter

Witch's Brew

Yiorgos Hatz - Hyperloop - Unreleased

Jan Ross - luminism - The Edges of Dreaming

Robby Dark Poet - Amongst the Books-Study Beats - Unreleased

Silver Carpet - Lithophane - Single

John Sandlin - Debussy's Reverie - Unreleased

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