Foot Tracks on Sand

Tonight Around the Campfire is proud to bring you music from the brand new album by Michael Brückner, as well as a variety of tracks in theme from artists such as Wolfgang Gsell, Ben Woods, and ontol. There will also be a live ambient Brew (improv) and all the usual fun and frolics in Second Life and Slack.


Don’t miss hearing tracks from this wonderful album, and make sure you bring your dancing shoes… to make those footprints.

Look out for the album at

Please note - my announcements in the podcast of the title and track name (in one case) will be incorrect. Unfortunately the metadata was wrong, and that's what I read when I made the announcements. All the track titles and album name are correct on the list below.

Set List

Michael Brückner - Everlasting Footprints, Mix 3 - Footprints


mindSpiral -BigFoot - The 1 is silent

ontol - Remembering a Walk (Through a Forest in Moonlight) - The Reflection of Dreams on Disjointed Memories

usr sbin - Just as Your Footsteps Echo, your Kisses Linger - 3 Love Songs in the Key of D(rift)

Wolfgang Gsell - August Night Walk - Harmony

Witch's Brew

Michael Brückner - Carbon - Footprints

Michael Brückner - Space Suit - Footprints

Ben Woods - Your Footprints, My Shadow - We Are Silhouettes Now

Joe Frawley - Pentacle Walk - Cartomancer

Joe McMahon - A Walk Under the Trees - 3AM

Kuutana - Walking Towards the Light - Undiscovered Shores

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