Tonight, Around the Campfire focuses on water, the fourth in its series on the elements. Put on your waterproofs as we dive deep into music by Palancar, Conni St. Pierre, Echo Us and ontol to name but a few. Expect the unexpected, but relax to the wonderful music of the most evocative of elements.

There is also a gentle and water-themed live Witch's Brew. Enjoy! 

Set List

Jack Hertz -  Moon Waves - Painting The Sea


Dave Riddell -  Ocean Light - This Music Plants Trees

ontol - The Weight and Sea - The Postlamp Sessions III

Janne Hanhisuanto - This River - Water Stories

Conni St Pierre - Water Lillies - Flower Spirits

Echo Us - May Morning Dew - To Wake A Dream In Moving Water

Pamplemousse - Stillwater Twinkle Like TNT - Unreleased

Forrest Fang - A River in Retrograde - Following The Ether Sun

Witch's Brew

Joe Frawley - Waterhouse - Waterhouse

Ben Cox - Pray For Rain - On Water

Mingo - Sky Over Sea - Sky Over Sea

Gregg Plummer - Sea of Tranquility - Luna

Palancar - Meltwater - The Unity - An Aatma Compilation

Jon Johnson - Just Add Water - This Music Plants Trees

Spiralized - Endless Wave - Sailing On A Sea Of Falling Stars

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