Air is a pretty cool element (pun intended). Tonight on Around the Campfire we’ll be continuing our exploration of the elements with a look at the music inspired by air.


You’ll hear music by Head Joint, Luna Firma, Syndromeda and Conni St. Pierre to name but a few artists on our lineup. There will also be a breezy Witch’s Brew to blow away the cobwebs.

Turn it on, turn it up and chill...

Altus - Overture For Air - Air

Dan Pound - Wind and Wing - Aurora

Christopher Alvarado - Castle in the Air - The Eye of Imagination

Daniel Robert Lahey - dream winds through ghostly forests (thing)166) - dream winds through ghostly forests

Cloudwalk - Creatures of the Air - Forgotten World

Conni St. Pierre - Wind In The Trees - Between The Branches: Legends Of The Wild

George L Smyth - My Soul Is The Wind - Haiku Music Volume 5
Gregg Plummer - Spirit Winds - Remember This Place


Witch's Brew


Brother Saturn - Ghosts In the Clouds - 2019 Demos

Gregory Kyryluk- Wind Dome Hill - Ephemeral Highways

Head Joint - The Songs Of The Wind - Red Sky Blue Smoke

Luna Firma - Open Night Air - Falling Towards Atlantis

poemme - salt air - Escape to Blue

Wavestar - Moonwind - Moonwind

Tony Gerber - Wayfaring Wind - Ancestral Spirit

Oxymythos - The Air We Breathe - Oxymythos

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