With not as much as usual to grab our attention (for some, anyway), it’s easy to drift off somewhere in your mind, or to sleep. If you’re going to drift, you might as well do it in style, so tonight’s music is “drift” themed. Enjoy tracks by Pallid Mask, Different Skies, Luna Firma and Cousin Silas amongst others. There will also be a drifty Witch’s Brew (live improv), too. Just be aware, you won’t drift away from beatz completely…

Join us in Slack chat, in Second Life or just tune in and drift away…

Lucette Bourdin - Snow Drifts - Nordic Waves, Vol. 4: Autumn

Numina - Drift Catalyst - Eye of the Nautilus

Luna Firma - The Drifting Hills of Pluto - New Horizons

Phillip Wilkerson - Sunlit Drift - Soujourner

Magnetic Wind - Drifting - Under a Blanket of Stars

Robert Carty - Milkyway Drift - Starlight Volume 2

Simon Wilkinson - Adrift - Royalty Free Film And Documentary Music Vol. 8: Deep Space Ambient

Robert Scott Thompson - Summer Twilight (Causal Drift) - Alchemy

Dan Pound - Drift - Drift

Witch's Brew


Gregg Plummer - Drifting Outward - Remember This Place

Cousin Silas - satellites drifting - Gallimaufry

Brother Saturn - Drifting Through Sand - Light! Joy! Ascent! I See The Stars In Your Heart

Different Skies - Adrift Off Floating Point - Imaginary Spaces

Pallid Mask - Driftglass - Summer Solstice Performance

Alpha Wave Movement - Drifted Into Deeper Lands - Drifted Into Deeper Lands

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