Tonight, Around the Campfire brings you tracks that will help you travel to all the compass points from your armchair. We’ll go north with Juta Takahashi, south with poemme, east with Sacred Moments and west with Paul Nagle. There’s plenty more music, too, and a live and improvised Witch’s Brew by your host.

Listen in, and travel the globe with

Set List

Dan Pound - Northern Lights - Aurora


ontol - Low Blue Western - The Postlamp Sessions I

poemme - southbound formations - Soft Ice

Juta Takahashi - Northern Horizon - The Door into Winter

Witch's Brew


Tony Gerber and Phil Keaggy - Northern Lights - Pristine Chapel

Alex Ring Gray - Eastern Woodlands - Satellite Images

Phillip Wilkerson - Seven Degrees North Of Castor - The Stars And Afterward

Sacred Moments - Big East Fork - January 2018 Week 3

Brother Saturn - Mystery Of The North - Mountain Song

Gregory Kyryluk - Western Passage - Ephemeral Highways

Cousin Silas - Northcoates Point - Complex Silence 9

Paul Nagle - Window on the West - Moments of Refelction

Palancar -Great Northern - Many Worlds