Sequential Dreams has released a stunning new album, and Around the Campfire is delighted to bring you some tracks from the release. Full of passion and energy – as all Sequential Dreams tracks are – you will need your best chairs for dancing. As well as our featured music, there will be plenty more tracks on the theme of ‘Change’. There is a distinct beaty vibe tonight, so be ready. There will also be a Witch’s Brew (live improv) about halfway through the show.

Be inspired, energised and transformed with great music – listen in now.

Set List

Sequential Dreams - Dawn of the Third Age - Part 1 - Chrysalis


Sequential Dreams - Moments of Transition - Chrysalis

poemme - with the changing of the leaves - Moments in Golden Light

Gregg Plummer - The Metamorphosis of Truth - Transambiation

Kit Watkins - Two Breaths of Forever - The Gathering Set 2

Ben Cox - Sea Change (2003) - multi threaded

Colin Rayment - Traversing the Change - Igneous

Brother Saturn - When Darkness, Becomes The Light - When You Find Me, I'll Be Gone

Dan Pound - Starting to Change - Cocoon

Witch's Brew

Sequential Dreams - Chrysalis - Chrysalis

Sequential Dreams - Everending Story - Chrysalis

Jim Ottaway - The Day Our World Changed - Yesterday Passing

Christopher Short - Metamorphosis Dreaming - Narration of Butterflies and a Crystalline Sky

David Gerard - Morning Becomes Electric - The Light Album (2017 Remaster)

Cousin Silas and Candy L - They Started Their Day Under Changing Skies - Why Not!

SinQ - Change - SiNq - 2k20 Year End Mix of old...