is honoured to have so many regular listeners who are incredibly loyal and supportive. One of these listeners, Robby (the Dark Poet of Amour*), has a birthday tonight. He has such a range of interesting likes and hobbies, it was easy to choose a theme that would pay homage to one of them, as well as provide a rich source of great tracks to fit the theme. So tonight, Around the Campfire is going to the birds, because Robby is a bit of a twitcher** with his camera.

You’ll hear music from STAN DART, Eric Peter Schwartz, Gregg Plummer and John Dyson as well as many others. There will also be a live improv by your host. Join the flock tonight and listen to music worth crowing about…

*He doesn’t use this any more, but he’s stuck with it as far as Gypsy Witch is concerned.
**’Twitcher’ is UK slang for birdwatcher.

Gregory Bond - Blackbird In A Thunderstorm - In Resonance

poemme - birdsong - Arboretum
Fiesel and Hertz - Bird's Nest at the Coastline - The Lighthouse

Museleon  - Rainbirds - Edges of Solstice
Lucette Bourdin - Rain of Feathers - Rumors From Cypress Town
Dan Pound - In a Hummingbird's Dream Part 1 - Rock Into Sand


Witch's Brew

Conni St. Pierre - Chrysanthemums and Hummingbirds - Flower Spirits

David Gerard - The Mallard Has Landed - This Music Plants Trees

Eric Peter Scwartz - Languid Birds - Glitter Witch (music for The Hex Poetry Apothecary)

Gregg Plummer - Invisible Bird - Invisible Bird

STAN DART - Bird's View - Murinsel III

kalabi - Like A Feather - Support Network

Sensitive Chaos - Android Cat Watches Birds - Live At The Mudlark Public Theater

John Dyson - Silver Bird - Silverbird